Privacy Policy

Scope of the handling

Your data shall be handled aiming to:

1. Establish and manage the contractual relationship;
2. Fulfil mandatory obligation under law including those related to accounting, administration and taxation;
3. provide technical assistance to the services;
4. treat eventual grievances/claims;
5. realize personalized services.

We inform you that data submission is necessary for the fulfilment of the contractual and legally due obligations, as specified above, while it is optional in all other cases. Lack of submission would prevent reaching the aims above.

Your data may be transferred to the same aims as above to the other companies of to the Konnect Africa Group also to:

  • whoever might be a lawful addressee of communications foreseen by any statuary or regulatory piece of legislation (such as civil services and public authorities);
  • whoever might be addressee of any communications necessary to fulfil the obligations deriving from the present contract.

Your data will further be handled by:

  • companies and/or partners in the management of the administrative services used by Konnect Africa to fulfil its obligations under contract or law;
  • other companies that cooperate in the realization of the Service such as, e.g. Internet service providers.
  • These entities do operate as Person in charge duly named and instructed.

Data storage

All data submitted will not be used to other aims except for those stated above and will be stored for the time necessary to reach them.

Concerned persons’ rights

You have the right to exercise anytime those rights by writing to Skylogic S.A. Strada Pianezza 289, 10151 Torino, Italy.

Right to access to personal data and other rights:

1. The person concerned has the right to receive a confirmation of the existence, or non-existence, of personal data  concerning him, even if not yet registered and to have a communication of them in an intelligible form.

2.The person concerned as the right to receive information on:

  • the origin of the personal data;
  • of the aims and ways of the handling;
  • in case of electronically assisted handling, of the logics applied;
  • of the pieces of information necessary to identify the responsible person the person in charge and the representative identified;
  • of those people or those categories to which personal data might be communicated or that might become aware of them in their quality of the identified representative on the Territory, person in charge or entrusted person.

3. The person concerned as the right to receive:

  • update, correction or, if he has an interest to it, integration of the data;
  • erasure, transformation in anonymous format or locking of those data handled unlawfully, including those for which storage is not necessary in connection to the aims for which the data have been submitted or subsequently handled;
  • a declaration that the operations under letter a) and b) have been notified, also with regard to the contents, to those to which data have been communicated or disseminated, unless performance of such notice proves impossible or implies the use of means manifestly disproportionate to the right conferred.

4. The person concerned as the right to challenge in whole or in part:

  • the handling of the personal data concerning him for lawful reasons, even if they concern the aim of the storage;
  • the handling of the personal data concerning him to the aim of transmission of commercial material or direct sale or for the performance of market research or sales communications.

Person in charge

The person in charge is Konnect Africa.